Credit card payment


UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. Partners widespread and accepted in all respects to employ secure virtual card acceptance system. The transaction for all participants only relevant információkhozjut.

 Additional benefits of online shopping:

-The customers for card payments easy and convenient.

-Online transactions can be traced continuously.

-Dealer possession only to the purchaser, purchasing, product and service data on reach, while credit card data must receive at UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. - It provides maximum security to the customer.

The purchased goods / services against the value - the amount paid - will be promptly blocked on your card account.

The bank's payment page using the so-called 3-D Secure security solutions in addition to the mandatory security features that have been developed by Visa and MasterCard international card companies. 3D Secure is a buyer initiated the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode emblems can be identified to ensure the highest security currently available. The buyer in the event of 3-D Secure transactions - even if the 3D Secure credit card capability provides unique identification kódját.Így be used for online purchases for these transactions before the payment process of the issuing bank authentication provides a clear identification.

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What is worth paying attention to when buying?

- Please refer to the details relating to the acceptance online shopping, buying conditions of the payment and delivery terms.

-Review the security conditions of acceptance.

-Keep a record of the purchase in relation to the information received acceptance resort can!

-Make sure that the secret data of your card an unauthorized person does not have to!

-It continuously upgrade their browser, kept up to date.

Accepted cards:

 -Embossed VISA cards

-VISA Electron cards (depending on the issuing bank's discretion)

-V PAY cards (depending on the issuing bank's discretion)

-MasterCard embossed cards

-MasterCard Electronic cards, (depending on the issuing bank's discretion)

-Maestro cards (depending on the issuing bank's discretion)

-Only cards issued for online payment

About security:

 -The virtual POS secured (https: //) through a channel of acceptors is able to connect with customers and channel szinténbiztonságos a connection UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt and acceptance..

-The technical implementation of online card payments trusted partner of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. Performs the First Data Hungary Kft., Who is their platform to our clients. The bank's payment page, use the following URLs:

-The bank's payment page using RSA certificates with 2048 bit encryption (CA), which provide TLS 1.0 channel through the full security of the data was entered there.

 The payment process:

 -The purchaser will draw the appropriate products in the basket standing demand of the Internet department store, provide the information necessary for shipment, and then select the payment method of credit card payment.

-The customer will then be redirected to the payment page of the bank. The time displayed side-payers with UniCredit Bank logo should be given the card data (name, card number, expiry date, CVV or CVC 3 digit validation code).

-If the payment card you use 3D Secure is able, should be provided for authentication ID is received by the issuing institution.

-This happens after the online request for authorization of the card elfogadására.Ha it is successful, the transaction takes place.

-Finally, the system directs the customer to the Internet store, where the effectiveness of the transaction is notified.

-If the purchase transaction wishes to be informed of the results in more detail, please contact your account keeping bank.